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Vídeos - Entrevistas

Andre Green – la pulsion de mort: 


Otto Kernberg en La belleza de pensar 1/3: 


Otto Kernberg en La belleza de pensar 2/3: 


Otto Kernberg en La belleza de pensar 3/3: 


Claudio Eizirick (SPPA): 


Sérgio de Paula Ramos: 


Freud - El complejo de Edipo: 


Paradigms in Psychoanalysis: Marco Bacciagaluppi talks about his new book: 


Etchegogen Part 1: 


Etchegoyen Part 2: 


André Green – Narcissisme: 


Encounters through Generations: 


Professor Jean Laplanche: Celebrated psychoanalyst: 

Professor Jean Laplanche: Celebrated is an exquisite surprise moment in Agnes Varda's award-winning documentary The Gleaners (2000) when she discovers that the man she has interviewed solely as the proprietor of the Château de Pommard turns out to be France's most famous living psychoanalyst, whose work has had an immense impact ...


Hernan Davanzos: 

SBPRP: SBPRP entrevista.... Hernan


Jean LAPLANCHE, psicanalista e vinicultor: